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In the next few weeks I will be updating this website, posting people's pictures from the 2016 Reunion and creating a place where you can leave message.  I just got home today (July 21st) from Atlanta after spending a full week there seeing lots of old friends.  So give me some time to get things in order.

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To my fellow ACOG Management Staff friends, make sure I have your current contact details by filling out this online form - http://www.ACOG1996.com/form1/

First Name
 - Last Name
 - Primary Email
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The old 2006 ACOG database of people's names and email addresses, I am about to redesign.  It is offline at the moment.

NOTE to my Event Junkie Friends.....
Due to the high volume of major events taking place this July and August, many of you could not attend the ACOG 20th Anniversary Reunion.  Talks have just started in order to stage a reunion of our own.  I can not say it will be this year....  But stay tuned.

I will bring back the EventJunkies.com website and create a facebook site in the coming next few months.  The old site from 10 years ago is still there, but way out dated to be useful.

Cheers everyone who took part in the 1996 Centennial Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Harvey Louie : ACOG Venue Management, Venue Signage Program



Breaking News

Thursday - July 14th 2016 : Change of Reunion Plans

While Saturday July 16th starting at 12:oo noon is still the plan for the ACOG Management Staff Reunion.  The location has all of a sudden changed due to a phone call I just got today  from the Centennial Park Authority that I have been dealing with.  Read Below in white.

Also - Friday night the 15th, I picked the Legal Sea Foods Oyster Bar to hang out in for a while starting at 8:00 p.m.  I have dinner reservation at 6:30 and may end up eating in the bar.  Its attached to the Hilton Garden Inn's lobby.  Downstairs of the main Legal Sea Foods restaurant.  I am likely wearing a Red Polo shirt.


The New Meet up Location is the CNN Food Court starting at 12 noon.

Gather in front of the Arby's food location and lets see what happens.  There is a row of
RED Top Tables that maybe we call home base.  There is a chance that we could get kicked out if our numbers grow too big.  Best to be holding a Starbuck Coffee or food item to show we are active patrons of the food court.

I do have a Plan C in my back pocket, that of moving to an event space pictured below.  330 Terminus is the name of the venue.  Its just up the street from CNN and across from the Aquarium's parking structure.  The rub is that we would have to take up a collection ($$$) in order to pay them a fee to use the space.  The alternate to 330 Terminus is the Beer Garden (Der Biergarten) right next door at 300 Marietta St.  There is a both a good size indoor function space and an outside somewhat shaded patio.  All separate from the main (nice) dining room and bar.  Its going to be an interesting day on Saturday....  We will make the most of it, as they say.

If you come late and we have all moved - call my cell phone at 415-987-5281 and track us down.

As a reminder, Jack Tyson is having a 3:00 p.m. Games Services gathering at Stats which is next to all of the above.  We can't all start out there as the place is still not big enough in the indoor spaces.

For those who have never met me.... 
Here I am on the right - I will wear the same purple and green shirt on Saturday.


No need to bring anything - just show up early and enjoy the company of those who do show up.  Maybe 200 or 300 people possibly- its impossible for me to tell.  It could only be 100 of us or 400 come out of the woodwork - I have no way of telling.

The reason for the change is the Amphiteater area that we promised to me, is now being used for Olympic Athlete Autograph Signing.  Then the entire park, not just the north side of the park, where the main stage will be is being completely fenced off around the entire perimeter for security reasons.  The gates on International Blvd will not open until 5:00 p.m.  We no longer can get access to the Amphitheater area for our 12 noon reunion.

Overall we might be better off indoors where its air conditioned, has food and cool drinks at and as well as restrooms and parking access.  Plus the park has been a hot bed of demonstrations all this week.  BUT, I will say this as of tody the 14th.  It was really quite at the Park today.  No protester at all to be seen.  Granted, the park has been closed off for a day or two - as it was today to get things ready.

Also be advised that there is a big convention in town so downtown parking may be impacted on Saturday.  Plus with all the public protests going on at the Park, it could be a Zoo out there.  Take public transportation like Bus 51, MARTA to Peachtree or Philips Arena on Blue or Green lines, or finally try out Uber car services which I use all the travel as I travel the world.

There is the Centennial Park Parking Garage right next to the CNN Center. 

Nicholas Wolaver sent me this link from his blog.

Help me spread the word please.


Monday - July 4, 2016 : ACOG Management Staff Reuion

OK, save the date for Saturday, July 16th 2016.

The Centennial Olympic Park has confirmed with me that there will be a public celebration event in the Park for the 20th Anniversary of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.  The public event (not our reunion) is in the evening from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. as I understand.

For now our plans are simply to gather at the Amphitheater of Centennial Olympic Park on Saturday the 16th of July from 12 :00 noon to 6:00 p.m.  Then people can join the main public celebration on the north end of the park afterward into the evening.

There will likely be a Friday night gathering for those driving or flying into town like me.  For now lets gather at the street level bar that is connected to the Hilton Garden Inn and Legal Seafoods Restaurant on Baker St NW, between Luckie Street and Marietta Street.  If things get too big we can always try moving to Stats across Marietta St.  Both are on the north side of the park to the west of the GA Aquarium.  Meeting between 8 and 10 pm.  Its not a huge place as the picture show below.



The past few months I had been trying to collect people's current contact information using this online form - http://www.ACOG1996.com/form1/.  Part of the idea was to get an idea of who would want to attend the reunion.  About 175 people replied and most said they would like to come to the reunion.  But my email blast campaign has not been working out well.  I have been having issues with sending massive amount of emails.  I think a lot of my early 2016 emails never went through to people.  Trying to reach out to the 800 to 1,000 people I have active email address on.

This combine with the fact that I have been on business travels the full month of June, hasn't help evangelize the reunion outreach efforts.

I will try and answer questions...

 - Dates and Time : July 16th, 12 noon to 5:00 pm
 - Location : Amphitheater Area, south end of Centennial Park
 - Who plans to come : July 4th Report, Name List - Department List
 - Where do we need help : Cooler for Ice, Bags of Ice, Water Coolers, Cups
 - Is there a cost to attend : small donation may be requested onsite
 - Hotel Discounts : None

Bring you own food and snacks for the afternoon, plus something to drink and stay cool and hydrated.  Also plan on bringing a trash bag to take away you own garbage.  There is no budget for clean up so we have to leave the amphitheater spotless.
I thought I would be able to plan and organize things between Jan 1st and now.  But I have been over run with business travels and productions.

Harvey Louie : 415-987-5281

 >> NOTE : we are not going to the amphitheater, I only leave this up as a guide <<












Saturday - January 30th, 2016

This summer there are plans by the City of Atlanta to stage a 20th Anniversary of the Olympic Games in Centennial Park.  Similar to the 10 year anniversary event in 2006.  But the exact date has yet to be announced, only the month of July being mentioned in some public press releases.

I have been speaking with the Centennial Park Authority for the past few years regarding staging a reunion event for those of us from the ACOG Management Team who are still interested in all gathering together.

I need to start reaching out to everyone I had contact with via email 10 years ago.  Lots of 1,000 or so email addresses I had have changed or gone dead as time has marches on.   But I will be starting a newsletter shortly that people can subscribe to for information about what I have planned.

Tuesday - March 10th, 2015

As some of you know, I live out in the San Francisco Bay area since leaving ACOG at the end of 1996.  But I still have plans to produce a 2016 20th Anniversary Reunion.  No date has been picked out, but I will announce something this summer to help people make plans for the summer 2016.  Likely a June or July event date.

I was speaking with the Centennial Park Authority in 2014, and they mentioned that possibly the city of Atlanta my try and do a public event in Centennial Park to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Games.  Similar to the the 10th anniversary

I need to start reaching out to everyone I had contact with via email 10 years ago.  Lots of addresses have changed as time marches on.   

Harvey Louie : 415-987-5281

Saturday - March 7th, 2014

Even though I live in San Francisco, I am in or pass through Atlanta at least once a year.  This year alone I have had business in town twice now in only three months.  Almost 3 times actually as a production got cancelled that would have been in the old Inforum Theater.

Each time I am here in Atlanta I do a bit more planning for an ACOG Staff Reunion.  While many things are a bit up in the air still.  Save a weekend in July of 2016 for big reunion.

I was on the phone just now talking with the Centennial Olympic Park Authority.  Trying to carve out both a date and location to hold an ACOG Staff Reunion.  Not so easy to do when other forces are in the early planning stages of another public celebration in Centennial Park for the 20th Anniversary of Atlanta Olympic Games.

In the end I need to slowly reach out to the 1,000 or so old email addressed I have in my database.  To see which are active and which are dead.  As well as to reach out and find as many missing staffer as possible.

I actually need to start a new contact database for 2016 soon, so simple email me if you are coming to this site for the first time.  Or if you are already in my old 2006 database, simply email me at my address below so that I know you are still alive and kicking so I can keep you up today on 2016 reunion plans.

I know we have all lost a lot of good and dear friends since 1996.  I am sure every one of them would have loved to attend an ACOG reunion of friends and family.

Harvey Louie : 415-987-5281


Saturday - August 18th, 2012

I am making an effort to update the Staff Database.  I am sure that after 6 year we have lost a number of our friends as they have passed on.  As well as people have changed email addresses over time.

I think it would also be fun for those still in Atlanta to maybe create a quick Flash Mob of a gathering at Olympic Park before the summer ends.  The London Olympic Games was wonderful to watch on TV.  It brought back lots of good memories of share times with other ACOG Staffers.

Harvey Louie : 415-987-5281

Thursday - February 9th, 2012

My plans for a 15 Year Reunion in Atlanta during the summer of 2011 came and went I am afraid.  My production and business travels never let up long enough for me to turn my plans into a reality.

I know I am returning to Atlanta for business the weekend of May 19th.  My Sunday the 20th is likely to be free, maybe I can slip in a simple adhoc meetup where people can drop in just to see who shows up.

I will have to do an email blast just to see how many dead email addresses I have in my database after 6 years.

Harvey Louie : 415-987-5281

Thursday - February 17th, 2011

A 15 Year Reunion has been on my mind for the past 18 months now.  I was in Atlanta on business for a week, last November in 2010.  I made some site inspections on possibly where I could produce both an evening cocktail party mixer in one location like on a Saturday night, as well as a Olympic Park Picnic event the next day.

My plans are simple and easily do-able, but my biggest fear is not having time in my busy travel and production schedule to pull it all together.  So I am looking at what can be be done, and who could possibly help me.

Once I have a better grip on things I will post and email as many people as I can - giving as much notice as I can possible muster.

 Harvey Louie

Saturday - September 12th, 2009

Another full year has passed since I was last in Atlanta on August 24th 2008, on the happy occasion of my good friend Mindy Ellis getting married.  But I was recently saddened when my long time friend Bob Stiles, the Venue Manager of the Olympic Stadium suddenly passed away in August of this year (2009).

Both occasions remind me how much I value the friendships and special bonds that I have formed with the 100's of the people I had met at my time at ACOG.

I still have an interest in helping to staging a 15 Year Reunion in 2011.  I have laid the ground work for a picnic at Centennial Olympic Park, with a possible after hours adult party at the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce function space overlooking the Park.  Pictures from the last reunion showed people have a good time.  I am sure a 15 Year Reunion will be even better.

I haven't picked a date in 2011 to hold such an event.  Nor I have solicited a local Atlanta Team to help me support an event like this.  But look for an announcement in the summer of 2010.

I will keep everyone informed via direct emails if you are registered in the Staff Directory.



Here is another fun photo from 1994 of the then currect ACOG Management Staff.

Friday - August 22nd, 2008 - Its an ACOG Gathering

OK, the plans are set for  TONIGHT  and we are going to show up at "Stats" Sports Bar and Restaurant at 300 Marietta Street near Centennial Olympic Park.  Come after work - 6:00 PM - and stay until they kick us out.

 - Bring a Camera
 - Wear your ACOG Accreditation or...
 - Come wearing your 10 Year Reunion Accreditation - thanks Maria at the
Ardian Group

We are all just showing up and descending upon the place.  No private room, unless we just end up crowding out the place and they comp us a private space.  I'll try and soften them up a bit when I get there in the afternoon to see the place for the first time.  Maybe they will be nice to us and I'll get my way for space.

I'll be having dinner with a few friends at 6:00 pm - but I don't expect most to show until 7:00 pm.  Time to maybe get home, change cloths, grab a snack, and get on your Olympic Spirit!

Message Board Link

415-987-5281 cell

300 Marietta St NW
Atlanta, GA 30313
(404) 885-1472



Monday - August 18th, 2008

Its an ACOG Gathering

OK, the plans are in motion to do a get together this week on Friday after work.  The location will be somewhere near the Olympic Park.  A few people had mentioned "Stats" at 300 Marietta Street.  Kim Kovacs mentioned Max Lagers, the Brewhouse right down the street on Peachtree near the old 270 HQ.

I am asking people to post a quick message on this bulletin board, so we all have some idea of who might be coming.  It will help me with some sort of head count, while at the same time giving others an idea of any friends that might pop in to attend that night.

What I do know is that I have to have dinner somewhere while I am in town that night.  I welcome anyone who wants to join me for a little sit down time.  I know Annie Gersna from Language Services will be joining me at our final chosen location.  Shooting for 6:00 pm I guess.

Everyone should wear either your 1996 ACOG Accreditation, or the 10 Year Reunion Accreditations that Maria Ngayan-Shelton from the Ardiangroup.com made for all of us.

Check this website one final time on Friday after 3:00 PM for the latest and greatest news.  I am in the air all day on Thursday, getting into ATL at about 10:00 pm.  I'd like to nail it all down by the end of my day on Wednesday.  But like every event - its always down to the wire.


Saturday - August 9th, 2008

The Games are On, Beijing Games that is.

Anyone want to get together in Atlanta while the Games are still on.  Friday night the 22nd, check this posting for for ideas and for leaving suggestions.  I'll leave major updates here so you can find out what really might happen.



Tuesday - December 5th, 2006

Olympic Museum Photos

Here is a link to the Olympic Museum Photos I took on last business trip back to Atlanta in September.   The exhibit will hold 200 people on it two floors of displays.  There is a "no food or drink" policy in the exhibit areas, so an actual reunion in the space is not allowed.  But there are plenty of other common areas to serve and consume food and drink.


Friday - September 1st, 2006

Olympic Museum Gathering

I wasn't able to pick up enough steam on this special event, so I had to cancel it this week. We will all have to gather there in the summer of 2007 when I hope we can all gather again for second ACOG Staff Reunion. Maybe that event will take place in early June or maybe late September. July and August have been ruled out as that is when most families take their vacations.

But before we get to the next reunion, I need your help to search the Staff Directory and see if you can help me find the lost and missing staff members. It's amazing how many of us it took to produce the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games, but even more amazing we have lost touch with so many of the former friends and fellow staff members.

Help me reach out and find all who we can.


Saturday - August 19th, 2006

Olympic Museum Gathering

Well, call me crazy or just a man asking for punishment - but I think I have it all worked out if anyone wants to join me and a few close ACOG friends at the new Olympic Museum. Of course the catch is I have to get enough people to commit to pay for 250 tickets to have the Atlanta History Center open the doors to have our own private showing. Tickets will be the normal $15 admission, plus a $1 service fee to cover the PayPal charges.

If anyone wants to try and make a go of it - the date is set for September 17th, a Sunday night from 6:00 PM until maybe 11:00 PM. Everyone - young and old, staff and non-staff are invited to attend. I have one week to try and get 250 people to ante up and make a commitment through August 28th. Then if I have my 250 pledges to buy tickets, I'll give everyone one more week to go online and pay via PayPal before the Labor Day Weekend is over on September 4th.

A $3,500 minimum deposit will be due on Sept 6th, ten days before the event. If I have this amount in my PayPal account to meet the payment, I will consider taking cash and checks at the door, but always prefer to have people use PayPal.

This is all a little bit crazy, since I will be on the road from Sept 9th in Washington D.C., until I end up in Atlanta on September 16th the day before the event. I am producing a broadcast at the Gwinnett Performing Arts Center on the 19th and 20th for the new CEO of CIBA Vision.

Click HERE to register and commit to Olympic Museum Tickets

Payments for tickets will be required after 250 tickets are committed to, or not at all if we fall short by Monday, August 28th. You can see our progress by searching the database for people responding "YES" regarding attending.


Saturday - August 5th, 2006

2006 Reunion Photos

I have posted the reunion photos on the website that have been sent to me so far. It's fun to see everyone smiling and having a good time at the 10 year reunion held at the Inforum. If you are still holding onto photos from the reunion, email them to me at.

Here is a link to an article about the weekend from Around The Rings.

For those of you who couldn't attend our gathering due to rather short notice, I guess that may be some of my fault. I didn't start searching for ACOG Staff Alumni until April 13th which was only 90 days out of the actual 10 year reunion. Be assured that you will get more notice on the next one.

If you are just finding out now that there was a 10 year reunion party specifically for the ACOG Management Staff, I have been looking for you. Make sure and REGISTER on this website to be notified of the next reunion, and to be added to the overall Staff Directory. Don't hold me to it, but maybe we can slip in 1 or 2 more gatherings before we hit the 15 Year Reunion mark in 2011.

If you need a place to post a message, HERE is the place to do it.

And a final "Thank You" to everyone who took the time to attend, and especially the SHINING STARS who offered a little extra financial support to stage the event. It was pretty much a break-even event which is the best you can always hope for. I hope we can all do it again, sooner than later but with maybe 500 to 1,000 of our closest ACOG Friends & Staff. Now that would really be a party!

Help me find those who we don't have contact with. For every One Person I have found in the past 90 days, there is One More out there that is on the missing list somewhere.


Monday - July 26th, 2006

2006 Reunion Recap

Wow, what a fun time it was seeing everyone from the ranks of the ACOG Management Staff who were able to come out and celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of the Centennial Olympic Games at the Inforum Lobby this past Saturday.

Like someone said before me - this may be the start of something big! I have contact with 650 of you now, and my goal is to reach out and find 650 more, and then another 650 more! Then I'll really have the makings of a Party on our hands!!

Keenan Delaney from Sports reminded me of what I said in an April 13th email, that I sent to the everyone in the very first round of emails...

"I have been asked many times in the past 2 years if I would be helping to stage an official reunion. The answer is no."

Well, this is one of the few times in life I haven't kept my word.

I might be saying something like this in a few weeks when I get clobbered with all the party bills and come up a short.... but that is another email all together (don't you just love'em, bills I mean - not all the emails from me).

But in the end when I look back on just the past few days, knowing I was able to pull together as many people as I could in only 90 days of reaching out - I think I did OK.

Keep reaching out for me - to me find the next 650 Ex-ACOG Staff Members. We all know they are out there, most right around the corner somewhere in the greater Atlanta area.
I would like to pass the torch a bit, and have some local people (not this San Francisco guy) find a place and a time to hold a series of gatherings over the next few years. Then maybe hold a BIG 15 Year Reunion with Everyone Attending.

I'll help lead the charge with my expert guidance now that I have the official title of "CEO" of the Post Olympic Games Staff. Thanks for the wall plaque Winkie, Janice and Lisa, I love you all - way too cool.

Once I wrap up my Family's reunion and return from a 5 day camping vacation in the Sierra Mountains, I will be back in touch with everyone about sending me digital pictures to post on the website. That will give me time to re-think what I just said above and get out before the going gets tough. What I am saying, the tougher the job the more I want it - right Bob Stiles!

Cheers Everyone!